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Timeline Brewery-The First Soulful Brewery of Florida

To brew quality beer with flavors influenced by culture and build a brand defined by history.

Timeline Brewery is more than a brewery. It is where you can hear the sounds of the past and taste the memories of your past. It is where memories are shared, your soul is feed and you can sip culture from a bottle.

SOUL noun \’sōl\
(n) Something that tastes so good that it can make an onion cry.
(n) Music that when created, tells the world all the things that words could not; and when heard, it soothes, reflects and allows memories to transport you to another place.

CULTURE noun \’kəl-chər\
(n) A combination of music, food, art and heritage that is shared by a group of people
(n) The foundation of a community and the individual, the accumulation of wealth and knowledge to be shared, the coolness and the swagger, the spoken and unspoken understanding of a people.

MEMORIES noun \’mem-rē, ’me-mə-\
(n) The thoughts of the past that form the soundtrack of your life
(n) That taste or feeling of the familiar


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