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Black Bee Honey to be featured in new beer at Ivanhoe Park Brewing

As Black Bee Honey continues to gain a foothold in Orlando, their honey can soon be tried in a new way: in beer.

Ivanhoe Park Brewing Company — one of the region’s newest craft breweries — is hosting a cask tapping Friday for its latest concoction, which features Black Bee’s palmetto honey.

A cask of Noir Abeille’s Saison, which translates to Black Bee’s Saison.

Black Bee Honey is run by teen entrepreneurs at Orlando’s Parramore Kidz Zone. The beer is a French farmhouse style, called Noir Abeille’s — or, translated, Black Bee’s — Saison.

“It’s got sweeter, maltier characteristics to it,” owner Glen Closson said. “It’s more approachable.”

For now, Ivanhoe Park made a 13-gallon small-batch brew to judge feedback, and if it’s favorable more will be made. The brewery also could create new concoctions using Black Bee Honey.

Closson said the brewery was looking for a local honey source, and he also would be presenting the teen entrepreneurs with lessons he’s learned in running his own businesses.

Black Bee Honey started about a year ago, when Reginald Burroughs, Parramore Kidz Zone’s director of youth employment, had the idea for the program’s college-bound teens.

The business began with sales at the local Parramore Farmer’s Market, and the students sold out about $2,000 on their first day.

They got their big break in July when they appeared on Steve Harvey’s network television show. Harvey used his connections to get their product on specialty retailer That day the students also launched their sales online.

They’ve also met with U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, who tweeted support, and the honey is also carried in in Popcorn Junkie on Church Street.

Article written by Ryan Gillespie via orlandosentiel

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